• Jinhao X450  G Marble Fountain Pen GT  Flex Nib Calligraphy Zebra

Suitable for calligraphers who use basic learning English calligraphy in the use of circular body or painting, you can choose this pen. Advantages: Can be filled with ink, writing volume, easy to write, learning difficulty is low. Explanation:1. It is a pen that has been modified with a pen tip. The tip of the round body is designed because the writing head is very sharp and is used to write a thin hairspring. Therefore, there is an inevitable phenomenon of hanging paper. This is common in the round body nib and can only be adapted and cannot be changed.2, due to the elastic pen tip will be a great split, it is inevitable that ink can not keep up with the tip of the pen fork, and the ink pen tip needs to be sufficient ink to ensure that the thickness of the line to write a clear change, if the writing found that ink is broken, or placed After a while, the ink evaporates and other reasons lead to no water. The general solution is to use ink or a rotating ink absorber to squeeze the ink to fill the tongue, and then the pen point bifurcates several times. This needs to be slowly debugged and controlled while writing.3, if the ink does not keep up with the phenomenon of pen tip split, the ink may not be enough tension, then you can use the pen tip pen bubble dipped detergent or diluted ink method to increase the ink adhesion.4, it is just a modified pen, the tongue will have adjustment marks, each of which is written on the water, because it is difficult to avoid ink traces, it is not always a perfect pen, only for learning and playing, non-professionalCalligraphy pens, and the price is just the price of a pen plus a nib.   Contact usPlease make sure you agree with all our payment shipping policies and all terms and conditions before bidding or purchase if you have any problems, please contact me. We will give you with in 24 hours of 100% satisfactory reply.Shipping in Spain 6 days/ 8dayShipping in Europe 8 days/10 dayUnited States of America 10 day 15 day

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Jinhao X450 G Marble Fountain Pen GT Flex Nib Calligraphy Zebra

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